Our team came together as a group of people interested in the exploration of paranormal activity. Many of our members have had personal experiences, but some of us are skeptics. We like having a mix of belief systems and experiences. It’s kind of like having Moulder and Scully working on our team. It keeps us honest.

Our goal is to research paranormal activity, such as ghosts, hauntings, and psychic phenomenon. We take our jobs seriously, even if we sometimes don’t take ourselves seriously. The bottom line is to learn, grow and have a lot of fun! 

Paranormal Rescue?

The rescue part of our name refers to a couple of things:

1. Our dedication to helping people who are experiencing paranormal activity. Often they feel bewildered by the experience and would like someone who can give them some clarity about what they are experiencing. 

2. Our commitment to releasing energies that are causing havoc in the lives of our clients. This can take several forms: 

  • Releasing fears from the homeowner by telling them that their house/business is not haunted, but is experiencing explainable phenomena that isn’t immediately obvious. 
  • Explaining that sometimes a location is simply replaying an event that was recorded in the walls of the home. It is not a ghost or psychic phenomena.
  • Sometimes a person in the home/location is unknowingly projecting unacknowledged feelings into the atmosphere. Their energy is manifesting these feelings in ways that appears to be a haunting or a ghost.
  • Finally, we work to release any sentient beings or spirits that may still be in the location. We do this for our clients, as well as for the spirit. The spirit will benefit from going on to their next level of existence.



Music composed by Markus Emsermann.  Used by permission.