About Us

We are an investigative team that documents and researches paranormal activity in Colorado. Most of our investigations are focused on life after death, hauntings, ghosts and psychic abilities. 

Why Paranormal Rescue?

Many times we encounter people who are uncomfortable with the paranormal activity in their homes. We attempt to release entities or explain any mundane causes for what a home owner may be experiencing. Our goal is to help people to feel more comfortable in their home or business. 

Who We Are:
Matt Uney
Matt is our resident skeptic and fearless leader.  He keeps us honest, asking a lot of questions and coming up with a lot of debunking.  His extensive knowledge of psychic phenomena and background in paranormal research keep the team on track and aid in educating our clients in what's possible.  His professional experience in sales and client management facilitate effective interviewing, information gathering, and building rapport and effective communication with our clients.  He is the legitimate face of our evil empire.
Ben Bryan, BS Electrical Engineering, MS Mineral Economics
Ben is our Equipment Specialist.  With a background in Electrical Engineering and Applied Math, he provides the Technical-Know-How of the equipment we use to help prove the paranormal.  His scientific background helps balance our findings when conducting investigations and aids in analysis of findings.


Frankie Blooding                                                                                                                                      

Frankie Blooding is the Official Tri-field Holder. As an electrician, she helps in debunking EMF fields. It's easy to get excited about finding an EMF spike, but there's a lot of man-made electrical gadgets that could be doing that, not necessarily anything paranormal. She can not only tell if there's an electrical problem at the investigation site, but if she remembers to bring more than the Tri-field and a flashlight, she can probably fix it, too. Frankie is also a published author in paranormal thriller genre. Find out more about her books at www.smblooding.com.
Carrie Dean, BS Archeology with a Minor in Theology
Carrie is another one of our Psychics.  She is also clairsentient or also known as empathic.  When she walks into a room, she can also pick up on the potential history of an area or sense and communicate with ghosts that may be present.


Gina Nigro, DD, CHT

Gina is a Denver native and a graduate of Columbine High School in Littleton, CO.  After serving in the United States Marine Corps where she was awarded the Navy Achievement Medal,  Southwest Asia Service Medal, Humanitarian Service Medal and National Defense service Medal (among others), she returned to Denver.  Her empathic abilities assist with the investigation as well as her ability to help ghosts cross over.

To learn more about Gina, please visit her site @ http://hypnosiswithgina.com/


Adrianne Younkerman

Adrianne is also one of our talented Sensetive/Investigators. Since she was a child, she has experienced the paranormal and has a wide range of understaning psychic abilities and investigative techniques.  As another equipment specialist, she is currently mastering our Geomagnetometer.  Recently, she has been honing in on her Psychic abilites and has been very successful with helping ghosts cross over to the other side.


Audrey Berger and Kristina Malouff

Audrey and Kristina are major assets when it comes to investigative research.  They have been involved with paranormal investigation for several years and have toured across the county investigating haunted houses, hotels and even ships.  Based out of Durango, they haven't been able to go on many investigations with the team, but their research and input has been invaluable.