Cheese Ranch

Cheese Ranch is an outdoor area in the Highlands Ranch complex.  As the title implies, it was once a dairy farm.  Several different ghost hunting groups have been to this area and found a lot of activity.  In the 70's the area was a hangout for transients.  In the 80's and 90's it was a hot spot for teenagers to have secret parties and bonfires.


The pictures below are of a section of the Cheese ranch park.  Our psychic, Tamela, indicated that she felt the presence of a doorway of a small cabin.  In the doorway she saw a mother and her son.  They were hiding from a man who had abused them.  The area she pointed to was not known to have any buildings, but the remains of the ranch were nearby.


It is the psychic's hand you see pointing -- saying that the door was right there.  The picture was taken on a digital camera, so the pink images were not as a result of any photographic processing.  The pink color showed up on the camera view finder when the pictures were taken and remained the way you see them below.  The only changes made to the pictures were to crop them and lower their resolution for the web.  The camera did not have any pink images in pictures before or after this occurrence or anywhere else in the park.





On several occasions we have had Psychics sense the presence of a ghost and when a picture was taken, a highly defined orb was present.