Leslie & Shawn's

 Leslie and Shawn are a young couple who were having disturbances in their home.  Leslie's children were very frightened by noises, movement and the sensation of being touched.  The activity was highest in the back office, the basement and the kitchen.


We brought our psychic, Tamela, through the house.  She went in blind, meaning that she had no knowledge of the type of activity in the home.  She told the homeowners that there were two ghosts in the home.  A man and a woman who had lived there in the early 70's.  She stated that she felt the strongest occurrences of them in the back office, kitchen and basement.  She also stated that in the basement she felt like the children were afraid and that someone felt the need to hide from the male ghost.  She said that the male ghost was very dominant and aggressive.  He believed in the old "spare the rod, spoil the child" so he was attacking the children because he felt that the parents were too lenient.


During an evp session the homeowners were asked to announce that they were the owners of the house.  Here are the evp's that resulted:

EVP1 - My House, said twice.  The voices you hear are not the homeowners.  The woman's voice that you hear clearly is Tamela.  These two whispery voices cannot be associated with any person in the room.  

EVP2 - My house said again after being asked why he thinks this is his house.  You'll hear a brief quiet then the answer then Tamela's interpretation.  The answer and Tamela's answer are nearly on top of each other.


We then asked the ghost to move the needle on the EMF detector.  The needle moved and we got this evp:

EVP3 - don't do it