Our group investigated the Museo de Las Americas on Santa Fe Ave in Denver.

We were called in to work with psychic medium, Anthony Quinata, to investigate the ghost of a little girl. She had been seen by several employees and other guests of the museum.

Anthony was brought in with no previous knowledge of what had been going on in the building. Upon his arrival, he picked up the presence of young girl who he called Christina. He also picked up the presence of a man in the museum office, a women by an exhibit of a small pox bed and a haunting or recording of a fire.

Anthony stated that he felt the place had once been a department store, like a JC Penneys and that a fire had taken the life of the small girl. He stated that, by the way the little girl was dressed, he thought it was in the 1930’s or early 1940’s.

Colorado Paranormal Rescue then brought in two of their own psychics, Tamela and Debbie. Each of the psychics were unaware of the results of Anthony’s investigation. Each of them were brought through the museum separately. Their readings confirmed Anthony’s experience. 

Tamela saw a ghost of a little girl pointing at large balloon that was in the front entryway. She was about 7 years old, wearing a pink top and had her hand over her mouth giggling. This was the same description that Anthony had given the week before. She also saw a woman by the small pox bed, though she described her differently. She saw a man in the office, but described him as younger than the man Anthony saw. In the area where Anthony described the fire, Tamela described fear and adrenaline. She felt the need to escape. In an area right below it she described smelling smoke.

Debbie saw the same man in the office that Tamela saw. She saw the little girl playing by one of the exhibits. She also saw the woman by the small pox bed and described her the way that Anthony had described her.

Later, our researcher, Robin, researched the background on the building and it’s inhabitants for the past 100 years. She uncovered the suicide of a male who had lived in the building in the late 1800’s. The building had also been a JC Penny’s in the late 1930’s. There had been a fire, but there was no record of any injuries or deaths.

Here are a few of the pictures and EVP’s we found.


 Now normally we would not be too excited about “Orbs” but in this case our psychic Anthony Quinata had just told our camera man, Matt, that the ghost of a little girl was standing in front of his tri-field meter. She was bent over to see what it was. So Matt took the picture in the hopes of getting a picture of her. 

What we got was this orb. We do not consider this evidence, especially due to the controversy about orbs being particles of dust or water vapor. We do find it very interesting that an orb shows itself at the exact location that our psychic said that a ghost was standing.

We also have a very clear EVP of someone saying “hi” twice. Our investigators are asking the little girl ghost to speak to them. You will here Anthony ask her to talk to them, then you hear the “Hi” he asks her again and you can her the “Hi” again.

Here is the EVP from that investigation: