Colorado Paranormal Rescue does a number of investigations each year. We do not post all of our findings, either as a request by our client or because the investigation yielded no tangible results. Below are just a few of our investigations for the past year.

Cheese Ranch

Cheese Ranch is an outdoor area in the Highlands Ranch complex.  As the title implies, it was once a dairy farm.  Several different ghost hunting groups have been to this area and found a lot of activity.  In the 70's the area was a hangout for transients.  In the 80's and 90's it was a hot spot for teenagers to have secret parties and bonfires.


Leslie & Shawn's

 Leslie and Shawn are a young couple who were having disturbances in their home.  Leslie's children were very frightened by noises, movement and the sensation of being touched.  The activity was highest in the back office, the basement and the kitchen.



 Our group investigated the Museo de Las Americas on Santa Fe Ave in Denver.